In the words of our Endo sisters 🌻

Amy Hook

Amy was diagnosed at the age of 23 with Stage 4 Endometriosis and Adenomyosis. Now at 27, she has just gone through excision surgery but with the Adenomyosis consuming 40% of her womb, it is inevitable that a hysterectomy will be required in the next couple of years. 

Amy writes blogs to help both herself and others appreciate the day to day struggles, physically and mentally, of living with a chronic disease.

Dionne McFarlane

Dionne spent a gruelling six years suffering from pain. After years of not knowing and being turned away on many occasigns, being left to feel her symptoms were all in her head Dionne was finally diagnosed with Endometriosis in 2016. 

Endometriosis has caused her life to change dramaticall, Blogging her journey and experience she wishes to help educate others who are suffering.

Annalise Harte

Although Annie received her diagnosis at the age of 18 she experienced Endometriosis symptoms since early teens before receiving a diagnosis. 

Annie’s GP made judgment asking if she was making up the pain, After having two surgeries Annie is often unable to hold down jobs due to the symptons of this disease. 

Annie who suffers with Anxiety and Depression explains how Endometriosis has affected her life drastically, She blogs as a form of relief and therapy for herself in aid to help others understand.

Emilie Marie Durocher

Emilie has suffered Endometriosis symptoms from as early as starting her period aged 11, Experiencing immediate cramps and heavy bleeding that led to becoming worse as the years went on causing Emilie to then go on to suffer with nausea. Spending almost a decade trialling numerous hormome pills Emilie found no relief.

Emilie had a laparoscopy to explore Endometriosis which was found and the symptons were removed from her pelvic area. 

Since Emilie's laparoscopy she has suffered with other struggles caused by Endometriosis leaving her feeling confused, Feeling alone Emilie started writing her blogs which helped her to express her pain along with helping others who also suffer. 

Now almost five months out of work Emilie is feeling the struggle of Endometriosis, Feeling as though her body is against her. Emilie keeps her mind occupied by fulfilling her joy of blogging, gardening, knitting and cooking.

Amelia Kerin

Amelia was diagnosed with endometriosis aged 21 after battling symptoms from the age of 15. 

Following this she then was diagnosed with adenomyosis. 

Amelia has now under gone three surgeries and has been forced into temporary menopause on four separate occasions.

Amelia has faced mental health issues due to her suffering caused by this chronic illness. Now finding therapy in sharing her journey, Amelia aims to help raise awareness and in turn make it easier for other women to speak out without fear of judgement. 

Victoria Hamlin

Vix is a newly diagnosed (Mar 2017) Endometriosis warrior and this year has undergone 3 surgeries to remove extensive Stage IV endo and adhesions. After gradual increasing pain despite successful surgery Vix is now trialling Prostap injections to manage her suspected Adenomyosis diagnosis before deciding on further surgery. Vix's diagnosis has had a totally debilitating effect on her life this year but she is determined to control the illness and not let it control her. Vix wrote a very personal in detail blog to share her journey so  in hopes to help others understand this condition.