In the words of our Endo sisters 🌻

Carla Cressy

Carla, Founder of Women With Endometriosis has suffered stage 4 Endometriosis, Adenomyosis, frozen pelvis disease and IBS. Since Carla’s 9 year battle to receive a diagnosis she has under gone three major surgeries and is now awaiting further surgeries causing her life to change dramatically. 

Carla blogged her entire journey from her long awaited diagnosis to her reoccurring surgeries. 

Louise Knowles

Louise has suffered from endometriosis symptoms for over 8 years, Suffering physically and mentally after believing the pain and discomfort she is experiencing was normal. Endometriosis has cost this young woman her career and dream of being a dancer, Now awaiting surgery for confirmation of Endometriosis Louise has started to blog her journey in hopes to help others who are also in the process of pushing for a diagnosis. 

Olivia French

Olivia has suffered with symptons of Endometriosis for as long as she can remember, Spending her teenage years believing what she was experiencing was normal whilst managing her pain with prescribed reliefs to later being misdiagnosed with IBS. After years of suffering Olivia finally pushed for a diagnosis when her symtoms started to affect her every day life. 

Rachael Knight

Rachael has suffered with Endometriosis symptoms for over 10 years, She was first diagnosed with stage 4 Endometriosis in 2008. After trialling all forms of non surgical treatments, Rachael under went her second laparoscopy in 2016 where she was treated for stage 4 rectovaginal endometriosis. 

A team of specialists separated her bowel from her pelvic wall and managed to excise some of the endo tissue surrounding other organs. Unfortunately her symptoms continue to change and deteriorate and this is affecting her day to day life. 

Rachael has recently started writing a personal blog of her endo journey.

Georgia Searle

After being turned away by doctors on many occasions being led to believe the pain and discomfort Georgia was experiencing was due to her way of living. Georgia finally seeked advice from a reputable doctor who helped her push for a diagnosis of Endometriosis which then led to surgery. 

Georgia now manages her existing Endo pain using a variety of prescribed pain relief medication whilst continuing to attend scans and check ups. Georgia is finally able to feel she is in a better place after her fight for a diagnosis and surgery to help her feel at ease, However she still experiences pain which she now has to live with. 

Shireen Hand

Shireen has lived with endometriosis since the age of 12. Now in her thirties, unable to work following a flare up from the disease, Shireen juggles daily life and motherhood with writing over at EMLWY (Endometriosis: my life with you) – a blog about her life with endometriosis, the curveballs of mental health, infertility and fertility treatments, and further diagnoses of fibromyalgia and osteopenia, while sharing information on the disease and other women’s stories.