The Endometriosis Diet

Whilst there is a lack of research into the impact nutrition has on the condition it is believed that eating a balanced nutritious diet is beneficial.

There are many foods recommended to help naturally control hormones which play a key role in improving Endometriosis symptoms along with foods considered to avoid which have a negative affect known to trigger symptoms. Addressing your diet can boost your immune system, however changing your diet and the way you eat can be a difficult process therefore we recommend seeking professional advice and consulting a suitably qualified nutritionist who can help you by referring to your medical history to help put together a plan for you which will compliment your lifestyle.Below we at Women With Endometriosis have put together information we truly believe has helped us manage our own symptoms and we wish to share in hopes we can help you.

Endometriosis Nutrition Guide

The importance of changing your diet

As women who suffer from Endometriosis we understand first hand the initial shock of change, Having to overhaul previous eating habits and discover what we are able to consume without causing swelling and pain.

Whilst being aware we all are different, some may stomach foods others can’t so this guide is a way to help each and every one of you to learn to know your body. 

To begin you may fear it’s a little daunting, Some may fear they are incable of sticking to the “Endo diet“ Naturally it’s alarming to feel you are having to make sacrifices, However long term to better our health will in fact be our saving grace.

It is however only natural we may miss the foods we once consumed, We are human after all. 

Together we can make the changes and discover a new way of living.

Following the Endo diet allows us to experiment and get creative with recipes, we for one have used ingredients we never knew existed.

Women who suffer from Endometriosis and similar life changing illnesses, The Endo diet is a challenge for us all. 

Follow us on our discovery of finding Endo friendly recipes, Feel free to send in yours for a chance to be featured and shared amongst our Endo sisters. 

We are not alone, Together we can help one another. 

Avoiding the Endo Bloat

We have put together this guide to assist with pain management, Boosting the immune system and overall to improve our health by finding ways to reduce inflammation, Bloating, Relieving of cramps, Decreasing of symptoms and pain whilst balancing our hormones.

The key is to find alternatives that will keep us feeling full and satisfied without abandoning our lifestyle. 

Fibre is important, Studies show the best source of Fibre is found within fruits and vegetables as well as seeds, grains and pulses.

Here are some of the best sources for Fibre:

Brown rice, Lentils, Black beans, Peas, Broccoli, Flax seeds, Chia seeds, Chickpeas, Avocado and quinoa.

One of the main symptoms of Endometriosis is re-occurring inflammation which we know is painful, often hard to bare and difficult to reduce. 

It is important we discover ways to reduce this without having to resort to taking prescribed pain medication.

Foods we have discovered which are beneficial for avoiding inflammation are;

Green leafy vegetables: Spinach, Kale, Collards and Cabbage

Oily Fish (packed with Omega 3) Salmon, Mackerel, Tuna and Sardines,Almonds, Walnuts, Strawberries, Blueberries, Apples

And Turmeric.

Olive oil is also beneficial for Inflammation within moderation. 

Foods we have found which help towards boosting the immune system are;

Green tea, Citrus Fruits, Oranges, Lemons, Limes, Grapefruits, Garlic, Peppers, Ginger, Cinnamon and Sunflower seeds.

As many Women suffering with Endometriosis and similar gynaecological illnesses will know the hormones become unbalanced therefore the importance of caring for our bodies by supplying the right nutrition is highly important. 

Some Foods we have found are beneficial towards helping the balancing of hormones are;

Berries, Apples, Peas, Beans, Pulses, Nuts and seeds, Celery, Carrots and Rhubarb.

The BIG No No’s

Whilst suffering from Endometriosis we have discovered many foods which we now try our best to avoid, they too are recommended by professionals who study the endometriosis diet to stay clear from. Below we have put together a guide on the recommended  “No Go“ foods when following the endometriosis diet plan.

For a lot of women who suffer from Endometriosis we cannot tolerate Gluten/Wheat in our diet as it seems to increase sensitivity from acids in our stomach which react causing us to bloat. Therefore as much as we all love such foods that contain gluten and wheat it is not suitable if we want to maintain a life with reduced pain and symptoms.Whilst continuing to consume these No Go foods you will of course be one of few comparing the Endo belly bloat. Our aim for this article is to help banish the Endo belly bloat and by doing so we urge you to check products before consuming to ensure they are Gluten/Wheat free. 

Most supermarkets will have Gluten/Wheat free options, some even provide an entire isle along with many restaurants and eateries who now cater for this too.

Fried foods, This including fast foods are usually cooked in saturated oils or flour containing wheat, Time to say goodbye to fatty foods. 

Consuming red meat can raise estrogen levels which being a suffer of Endometriosis oestrogen aggravates our symptoms.

Milk, Cheese, Butter, Cream and all other dairy can cause inflammation and can also cause digestive issues and sometimes nausea. Most who suffer with Endometriosis usually suffer symptoms of IBS therefore consuming dairy increases bowel issues, avoid all dairy. 

Caffeine can be found in coffee tea soft/fizzy drinks this Increases abdominal cramping as well as oestrogen levels causing a flare up more probable.

Alcohol increases abdominal pain due to the acid reaction with our stomach alone with a vital Vitamin: Vitamin B which is stored within the Liver. It is important to have a good liver function as it will help eliminate any additional estrogen from our body.

Saturated oils and fats can cause inflammation as they help stimulate in a negative way being high in fatty acids

These acids can be found in such products as butter/margarine. 

Join us over on our forum page and be inspired by our Endo friendly recommended dishes.

Meet Brenda Van Groeningen

About Brenda

Brenda was the first woman our founder came across since blogging her journey and began starting Women With Endometriosis.

Brenda supported our founder through a great ordeal, through good times and bad. Considering Brenda resides in The Netherlands it is settling to see a terrible situation can reveal friends no matter where in the world they are. 

Brenda has experienced a tough journey with her health and suffering from Endometriosis whilst also suffering from a spinal cord injury resulting in her having to use a wheelchair. 

This woman shows great strengths and is a true Endo Sister. 

Brenda provides Endometriosis friendly dishes via her page so please check it out for some healthy inspiration.

Breakfast With Brenda

Endo friendly breakfast smoothie 

“ matcha smoothie”

2 hands of spinach,1/2 avocado, 1 cup blueberries,2 medjool dates, piece of fresh ginger,1 spoon coconutoil,2 teaspoons matcha, 4 cups of water. 

Blend all untill smooth

( a very healthy start of the day full off antioxidants and anti inflammatory  ginger)

Lunch With Brenda

“ Light quinoa salad with tofu”

Rucola, cooked quinoa, black beans, cherry tomatos in slices, tofu marinaded in oil and agave, salt and pepper, bake the tofu until crispy and make up your plate.... use some of the marinade as dressing for your salad.

( perfect light lunch without gluten and vegan, so great when your endo is really playing up, less change of an endobelly)