Meet Dr. Masahide Kanayama

Dr. kanayama

My name is Dr Masahide Kanayama, the director of New York endometriosis center, New York USA.  

My first encounter with an endometriosis patient started when I was a medical student at Medical college of Wisconsin, Milwaukee and my laparoscopy experiences of this disease impacted me that time.  

Then I went to Mayo Clinic/Mayo graduate school of medicine for my gynecology and gynecological surgery training.  I received an excellent surgical training at Mayo Clinic, but even in a place like Mayo Clinic, there was no endometriosis specialist that time and endometriosis education was not emphasized well to Mayo residents and interns. 

After I moved to New York over 20 years ago, I saw so many women suffering from endometriosis everyday and they repeatedly having ineffective laser ablation surgery.  

That time, I personally decided to commit my rest of professional life for developing the best treatment of endometriosis.

Since then I developed my own excision technique to treat endometriosis lesions by advanced laparoscopy instead of ablation or coagulation laparoscopy.  I have seen tremendous changes and positive impacts upon so many of my patients lives. Yes healing is possible for endometriosis patients! 

Last year, I started my instagram site @newyorkendometriosis, in order to spread endometriosis awareness and to provide the correct information on endometriosis to all general public. 

It became my passion and vision to spread awareness of this ignored disease of endometriosis all over the world and teach many women about endometriosis as possible.

Recently I was contacted by Carla to be one of 3 trustees of “women with endometriosis” charity organization.  She shares the same vision as I am and for this same purpose I am glad to offer helps in this charity organization. 

For endometriosis patients, awareness is the key and we need to help women to be empowered by correct knowledge and encourage them to seek specialists help proactively. 

So endometriosis is detected early and stage 4 disease is prevented.  

We are here to help all endometriosis patients. 

Dr Kanayama

Dr. kanayama On Endometriosis and surgery

Successful treatment of Endometriosis is a very complex and uniquely individualised process for each patient. In general excisions of Endometriosis by laparoscopy removes lesions by plugging them from its roots causes. Adhesions should also be accomplished in the same laparoscopy, However more importantly patients are advised to change their lifestyle and diet as illustrated on our Endometriosis nutrition section of our website. 

By following the Endometriosis lifestyle and diet guide will ultimately create a anti Endometriosis environment  inside your body. 

Words from our doctor

“Early detection and the right treatment is crucial” 

“Your body is your temple. Cherish and nourish it. aid to al it’s aches and pains and protect it. Treasure it.” 

“Don’t allow yourself to be trapped in, it is very important to stay strong and the first step is to help yourself so we can help you”