Meet Dr. Joseph Davis

Dr. Joseph Davis

One of three Trustees for Women With Endometriosis Dr. Joseph Davis provides information and support to those who are experiencing infertility. 

We are truly greatful for Dr. Joseph’s support and belief in our charity. 

Dr. Joseph Davis a board certified reproductive endocrinologist and infertility specialist with a passion for helping couples and individuals to achieve their goals of building a family.

Dr. Joseph Davis advice on Endometriosis and fertility

Women with Endometriosis have difficulty getting pregnant. Up to half of women with Endometriosis have fertility problems, This happens for many reasons. For some the Fallopian tubes may become blocked which prevents the sperm and egg 

from getting together, But even when the tubes are open, there may be problems with the release of the egg from the ovary (ovulation) and the fertilized egg sticking to the uterus (implantation). 

Treatments that help with the pain of endometriosis can have the opposite effect on fertility. Hormones and medications that stop the menstrual cycle can prevent 

ovulation and this delays getting pregnant until the cycle resumes. Surgery may be helpful by removing scarring around the fallopian tubes, But may have minimal effect if there are not many adhesions. Studies show that if the stage of Endometriosis is I or II, ovulation medications can improve fertility but if the stage is III or IV. In vitro fertilization may be needed, For women with Endometriosis the most important thing to consider is speaking with your specialist about your family plan early to maximize your odds of being successful. 

Words from our doctor

“if you have endometriosis and want a family, talk to your doctor about ways to achieve your family goals”

“Many women with endometriosis have difficulty becoming pregnant but don’t give up hope. Treatments are available, and even adoption, to allow you to build your family”


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