About Us

Who are we

We are women with first hand experience and knowledge of Endometriosis, We truly believe The severity of this disease is only understood by those who suffer.

After our Founder having spent hours researching, Attending meetings at 1 Parliament Street and speaking to the relevant parties to start a successful strong campaign with complete support enabling Women With Endometriosis campaign to thrive. 

This is particularly the reason that Women With Endometriosis is key to have involvement from those who have had first hand experience of this disease along with professionals who work within the field. Enabling us to help women who are struggling who have been left in the dark along with those who are yet to suffer push for a diagnosis . 

With the support from our reputable trustees and experienced professionals along with those who suffer, Women With Endometriosis is going to thrive. 

Our Objectives

With the support from our reputable trustees Dr. Kanayama, Dr. Joseph Davis and Sir David Amess MP and many supporting professionals we have the power to provide expert knowledge and advice covering every aspect of living with Endometriosis.
Our aim is to bring Endometriosis into education worldwide using our own school briefing document starting within the U.K.
Whilst offering free reliable support to women affected by this disease to help enable those suffering to understand and help gain control of their well being whilst providing help towards educating women on the signs to push for a earlier diagnosis.
With our goal to push Endometriosis into education we will raise awareness and make this disease be heard, We will give back to those who are suffering by offering staffing and voluntary roles within the charity along with providing giveaways throughout our pages to give back.  
We have support pages in place and soon to be support groups with help from our volunteers and fundraisers.