The Women With Endometriosis APPG is taking place March 14th 2018 in parliament 

Campaigning since January 2016 we are making a stand to bring endometriosis into education in aid to  prompt students to speak out about periods 

           it’s okay to talk periods

The Women With Endometriosis Organisation

Founder - Carla Cressy

Carla Cressy, a former model and ambassador from Leigh-On-Sea, Essex suffers from severe Endometriosis, Adenomyosis, frozen pelvis disease and IBS. Since Carla’s nine year battle to receive a diagnosis undergoing four major surgeries within just eighteen months with plans of a fifth and sixth causing her life to change dramatically whilst on one occasion almost losing her life during a procedure, Carla who has both the experience and knowledge is keen to raise awareness.

After building a reputable team of sufferers, professionals and a member of Parliament Carla strives to educate young girls of the symptoms to detect a earlier diagnosis. 

Thriving to bring Endometriosis into education The Women With Endometriosis objective is to teach students the symptoms to encourage speaking out about menstrual well being in hopes to lower the diagnosis time and support those who are in need.

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Sir David Amess talks with Founder Carla Cressy

Sir David Amess MP

Sir David is committed to The Women With Endometriosis Organisation 

Dr. Joseph Davis talks IVF

Dr. Joseph Davis is committed to The Women With Endometriosis Organisation 

The guide to living a healthier lifestyle

The Women With Endometriosis Organisation have teamed up with volunteers to gather recipes and useful tips and advice to provide to those suffering in aid to encourage self care.

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